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Verona Private Guided Walking Tour

Private Verona Walking Tour with Local Guide
Duration 3 hours
Walking Tours

Private guided walking tour of Verona with your expert local guide to visit the most famous highlights of this romantic city famous as the setting of the love story of Romeo and Juliet.

With your local guide explore the best of Verona, a city filled with numerous historic buildings from Ancient Rome to the Middle Ages and till the Renaissance that was named a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Verona retains the memories of the Roman Empire, had an important dominion with the Scaligeri until the fourteenth century and then was part of the Republic of Venice until the eighteenth century.

The most important attraction of Verona besides the courtyard of the Capulet house with the famous Juliet balcony are the fascinating pink marble great Roman Arena, that is a legacy of the Roman period. The Arena, which is the third largest in Italy, was completed around 30 AD and now hosts the Verona Arena Festival that is a summer festival of opera.
The oldest bridge in Verona "The Roman stone bridge", built in the 1st century BC. with over 2000 years of history.
Among the many beautiful squares, one of the most famous is Piazza delle Erbe, known as the Forum of Verona in Roman times and where it is still possible to buy fresh fruit and vegetables today, other important squares in Verona are Piazza dei Signori and Piazza Brà.

•    Private tour with your exclusive guide
•    Admire a city named Unesco World Heritage Site
•    The Roman Arena and the splendid squares
•    The romantic Juliet Balcony




3 hours

Departure Time:
Morning or Afternoon

Departure Point:
At the lobby of your Hotel in Verona or to be decided at the confirmation

private expert and licensed guide

gratuities (optional),
admission fees to churches and museums

for a party of more than 6 people rates on request


  • What is Verona most known for?

Verona, a city in northern Italy, is most famously known as the setting of William Shakespeare's tragic love story, "Romeo and Juliet." However, beyond its literary associations, Verona is renowned for several other attractions and cultural significance:

1. Roman Amphitheater (Arena di Verona): Verona's ancient Roman amphitheater, built in the 1st century AD, is one of the best-preserved Roman arenas in the world. It is still used today for opera performances and concerts, including the famous Verona Opera Festival.

2. Historic Architecture: Verona boasts a wealth of historic architecture, including its well-preserved medieval and Renaissance buildings. The city's historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is home to elegant palaces, churches, and squares.

3. Juliet's House (Casa di Giulietta): Juliet's House is a popular tourist attraction in Verona, purportedly the residence of Juliet Capulet, the fictional character from Shakespeare's play. Visitors come to see Juliet's balcony and leave love letters on the walls.

4. Roman Sites: In addition to the Arena, Verona features other Roman ruins, such as the Ponte Pietra (Stone Bridge) and the Porta Borsari (Borsari Gate), which are reminders of the city's ancient past.

5. Culinary Delights: Verona is known for its delicious cuisine, including risotto, polenta, Amarone wine, and traditional Veronese dishes like pastissada de caval (horse meat stew).

6. Festivals and Events: Verona hosts various festivals and events throughout the year, including the Verona Opera Festival, Vinitaly (one of the world's largest wine exhibitions), and the Christmas market in Piazza dei Signori.

Overall, Verona's blend of history, culture, and romantic allure makes it a captivating destination for visitors from around the globe.




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