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Murano Tour with Glass Blowing Lesson

Private Murano Glass Blowing Lesson
Duration 3 hours
Classes and Workshops

On Murano, one of the fascinating islands of the Venice Lagoon, enjoy a private Murano glass blowing class where you will learn the techniques of the fascinating world of glassblowing.

The art of blown glass for which Murano is known throughout the world is inspired by ancient crafts from Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Greece and Roman production.

The history of glassmaking in Murano dates back to the Middle Ages when in order to preserve Venice from the frequent fires caused by glassmaking, the Republic of Venice decided to transfer the glassworks from Venice to the island of Murano about 700 years ago.

Your private tour starts from your hotel in Venice, where you meet your private guide to reach Murano by private boat.

Your private Murano glassblowing tour allows you to experience a visit to Murano which is undoubtedly the most famous island in the Venice lagoon and learn more about the tradition of glassmaking in Murano.

Once in Murano, in a renowned glass factory you will be immersed in the world of blown glass, you will admire the craftsman at work and his ability to create objects in blown glass and the expert Venetian master glassmaker will explain the art of blown glass to you you will admire the creations of their "certified" Murano glass art objects.

In addition, you will take a private lesson with your dedicated master glassmaker so that with his assistance you will create your own glass artwork which will then be shipped to your home. Because it is the memory of an unforgettable experience of your trip to Venice.

•    Private tour from your hotel in Venice
•    Visit Murano where the art of glass making has been practiced for over 700 years
•    Visit the craft shop of a real Venetian glass master
•    Private lesson to create your glass artwork 
•    Comfortable private roundtrip limo boat transfer





3 hours tour

Departure Time:
Morning or Afternoon

Departure Point:
At the lobby of your Hotel in the centre of Venice

Price will include:
- 3 hours with your own personal expert local guide
- Private glassmaking workshop
- Murano roundtrip with private motorboat

Price will not include:
- Gratuities (optional)



  • What is interesting about glass blowing?

Glass blowing is fascinating for several reasons, both in terms of its technique and its historical and cultural significance. Here are some interesting aspects of glass blowing:

1. Ancient Origins: Glass blowing has ancient origins, dating back to around the 1st century BCE in the Syro-Palestinian region. The invention of glass blowing revolutionized the production of glass objects, leading to the proliferation of glassware across various civilizations.

2. Skill and Precision: Glass blowing requires exceptional skill, precision, and coordination. Glass artisans manipulate molten glass at temperatures exceeding 1,000 degrees Celsius using blowpipes, molds, and various tools to shape the glass into intricate designs and forms. The mastery of this technique often takes years of practice and apprenticeship.

3. Creativity and Innovation: Glass blowing allows for immense creativity and innovation. Artisans can experiment with different colors, textures, and techniques to create a wide range of glass objects, from delicate sculptures to functional vessels. The possibilities for artistic expression are virtually limitless.

4. Collaborative Process: Glass blowing is often a collaborative process, involving a team of artisans working together in harmony. Each member of the team performs specific tasks, such as gathering molten glass, blowing air into the glass to shape it, and adding decorative elements. This collaborative dynamic adds an extra layer of complexity and camaraderie to the craft.

5. Cultural Significance: Glass blowing has deep cultural significance across various civilizations. It has been used to create objects of utility, religious artifacts, and works of art that reflect the aesthetic values and traditions of different cultures. The techniques and styles of glass blowing have evolved over time, leaving behind a rich legacy of craftsmanship and creativity.

6. Modern Applications: While traditional glass blowing techniques continue to be practiced, modern technology has also expanded the possibilities for glass artistry. Contemporary glass artists often combine traditional techniques with innovative methods, such as glass fusing, kiln casting, and cold working, to create cutting-edge artworks that push the boundaries of the medium.

Overall, glass blowing is an endlessly fascinating craft that combines technical skill, artistic expression, and cultural heritage. Its rich history and diverse applications continue to captivate audiences around the world.



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