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Chianti Classico Wine Tour from Florence

Wine Tasting Tour in Chianti from Florence
Duration 8 hours
Food and Wine Tours
No Sat. and Sun.

Spend the entire day seeing Chianti region after departing from Florence with your personal driver.
Discover the distinctive Tuscany Chianti scenery with its medieval hilltop villages, vineyard-covered hills, and rows of cypress and olive trees. Visit at least three wineries and experience the world-class Chianti wines.

Your Chianti wine tour begins in the morning when your private driver picks you up from your Florence hotel.

Reach the Tuscany Chianti region from Florence and you will be in the Chianti Valley when you are on the smooth sloping hills that span from Florence to Siena and are lined with lavish vineyards, olive groves, beautiful medieval villages, and distinctive farmhouses!

A stunning area in the center of Tuscany is home to more than 250 wineries that sell their products under their own labels.

The Black Rooster is used as the logo for all Chianti Classico wines from past 1924. It is related to the rivalry between Siena and Florence in the Middle Ages, according to an intriguing narrative.
According to legend, after years of violent fighting between the Republics of Florence and Siena for control of Chianti, it was decided to set the border with a very particular competition.
Two horsemen at cockcrow were to set out each from their own city and the border would be set at the point where they would meet.
The black rooster of the Florentines, which he had fasted, crowed first, then the white rooster of the Sienese, which had been well cared for.
So it was that the Florentine knight left early and arrived almost at the borders of Siena.

You will get the chance to sample Chianti wines produced in various terroirs by various grape varieties, soils, climates, and grape ripening on your Chianti Tour visiting three different wineries.

You will have time at leisure to visit at least two of the Chianti villages, such as Radda in Chianti, Gaiole in Chianti, Castellina in Chianti, Greve in Chianti considered the capital of Florence's Chianti region.

An interesting experience for your lunch pause (payable locally) could be in the cozy village of Panzano in Chianti at the Osteria of Dario Cecchini one of the most famous butchers in the world.
Tour ends with the return in Florence at your hotel.


•    Pick up and drop off at your hotel in Florence
•    Driving excursion in the beautiful Chianti Region
•    Time to stroll at leisure in at least two medieval Chianti hilltop villages
•    Chianti wine tastings in at least 3 different wineries




8 hours

Departure Time:
Morning Tour
Pick up and drop off point:
At the lobby of your hotel in Florence

Price include:
Private Mercedes car (for your party from 1 to 2 persons)
Private Minivan (for your party from 3 to 6 persons)
Professional English speaking driver

Price does not include:
Gratuities (optional)
Meals and Beverage
Wine tastings

On Request:
Rates for more of 6 persons
Rates for winery visits




  •  Is Chianti wine from Tuscany?

Yes, Chianti wine is indeed from Tuscany, Italy. It is one of the most famous and historically significant wine regions in Italy. Chianti is primarily made from Sangiovese grapes and is known for its fruity flavors, floral aromas, and moderate acidity. The region of Chianti in Tuscany has a long tradition of winemaking and is recognized for producing high-quality wines.

Chianti wine comes from the Chianti region in Tuscany, Italy. The Chianti region is located between the cities of Florence and Siena. Within the Chianti region, there are several subzones, each with its own specific characteristics. These subzones include Chianti Classico, Chianti Rufina, Chianti Colli Senesi, and others.

Some of the characteristics of Chianti wine include:

1. Grape Varieties: Chianti wine is primarily made from Sangiovese grapes, which impart flavors of cherry, plum, and earthiness. Other grape varieties such as Canaiolo, Colorino, and Merlot may also be used in varying proportions.

2. Terroir: The diverse terroir of the Chianti region, characterized by its hilly landscapes, clay-rich soils, and varying altitudes, contributes to the complexity and unique flavors of Chianti wines.

3. Flavor Profile: Chianti wines typically exhibit a range of flavors, including red fruit notes like cherry and raspberry, along with herbal and floral undertones. They often have moderate acidity and tannins, making them versatile and food-friendly.

4. Classification: Chianti wines may carry different classifications depending on the specific subzone and quality standards. For example, Chianti Classico wines come from the original Chianti region and are typically considered of higher quality. They are often labeled with a black rooster symbol.

5. Aging Potential: Depending on the style and quality level, Chianti wines can be enjoyed young, with vibrant fruit flavors, or aged, developing more complex flavors and smoother textures over time.

Overall, Chianti wines are renowned for their balance, versatility, and ability to complement a wide range of foods, from traditional Italian dishes to international cuisine.


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