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Piedmont Private Truffle Hunting and Wine Tour

Truffle Hunting and Barolo Wine Tasting in Piedmont
Duration 7 hours
Food and Wine Tours

Private day tour to experience in the Langhe region, one of the most beautiful areas of Piedmont the mysterious world of truffles.

Your private tour begins early in the morning with a private driver and guide who will take you to your truffle hunter in a spot surrounded by woodlands and vineyards in the Asti or Barolo region.

You will be guided by the truffle hunter and his truffle dog over scenic routes to an unforgettable experience: truffle hunting. The local hunter will provide you with detailed information about the truffle, including local customs, the environment in which it is grown, and an overview of its several types and traits.

Your truffle experience will come to a close with a taste of freshly truffle shaved on a local cheese coupled with a fine glass of local wine. (White truffle from mid-September to early January, black truffle from February to September).

Following your time with the truffles, your tour continues as you and your guide with your driver travel to the charming town of Alba or Asti, which still have a medieval feel to it. Here, you will have some free time to shop in the center.

In the afternoon you will visit a winery in the Barolo, Barbera, or Barbaresco region for a wine tasting after lunch (to be paid locally); the location of the vineyard is dependent upon where the truffle hunt will take place.

- Private Tour with your own local expert wine guide
- Private Truffle hunting with truffle hunter and his dog
- Truffle tasting
- Visit of the medieval town of Alba or Asti
- Visit of a Barbera or Barolo or Barbaresco winery with tasting




7 hours

Departure Time:

Departure Point:
At the lobby of your hotel in Langhe area

-Private expert guide 
-Truffle hunt + truffle tasting
-Visit of 1 winery including a wine-tasting fee
-Transportation with private driver

Gratuities (optional)
Lunch and beverages
Extra wine-tastings

We suggest comfortable shoes



  • Why are truffle so prized?


Truffles are prized for several reasons, including their distinctive flavor, rarity, and culinary versatility. Here are some factors that contribute to the high value and prized status of truffles:

1. Unique Flavor: Truffles have a highly distinctive and intense flavor profile that is difficult to replicate with other ingredients. They are prized for their earthy, musky aroma and rich, savory taste, often described as nutty, garlicky, or even slightly fruity. Truffles can enhance the flavor of a wide range of dishes, from simple pasta dishes to gourmet creations.

2. Culinary Versatility: Truffles are highly versatile ingredients in gourmet cuisine and can be used in a variety of dishes to add depth and complexity. They can be shaved or grated over pasta, risotto, eggs, salads, or cooked meats to impart their unique flavor. Truffle-infused oils, butters, and sauces are also popular for adding truffle flavor to dishes.

3. Rarity and Difficulty of Cultivation: Truffles are rare and difficult to cultivate, which adds to their mystique and allure. They grow underground in symbiotic relationships with the roots of certain trees, such as oak and hazelnut, in specific regions around the world. Truffle hunting is a specialized skill, often requiring trained dogs or pigs to sniff out the elusive fungi. Additionally, truffles have a limited growing season, typically from late summer to early winter, further contributing to their scarcity.

4. Historical and Cultural Significance: Truffles have been prized as delicacies for centuries and hold cultural significance in various cuisines around the world. They have been enjoyed by royalty, nobility, and gourmands throughout history and are often associated with luxury, decadence, and fine dining experiences.

5. High Demand and Limited Supply: The high demand for truffles, coupled with their limited supply, contributes to their high price and prized status. Truffles are considered a luxury ingredient and are sought after by chefs, food enthusiasts, and connoisseurs around the world. The combination of their unique flavor, rarity, and culinary versatility makes truffles highly valued and prized in the culinary world.

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